A proud and determined holy warrior.


Soz is a deeply conflicted individual. Hailed as a great warrior of the trinity, and yet harboring a dark power within. Forsaken by his church but protected by those that wish to see his dark power return. Even among those who resurrected him, he feels strange emotions; hatred for what they did, and yet he does not wish to see them dead. He feels this hatred most strongly toward Lady Kalindra, and yet, feels some deep urge to protect her, to do right by her. He equally feels determined to do good, and yet tempted to do wrong.

A fairly reserved and suspicious man, Soz is slow to accept his resurrection, and yet at once, he feels a strong connection to both Tats and Titan. He has already, on at least one occasion, laid his life on the line for both of them, with no regrets. As more and more information swirls around inside his head, he wonders if he truly wants to remember. What would it change, now that he’s back? Would it matter at all? Only time will tell for sure.


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