A massive orc barbarian, devoted to the tenants of his philosophy.


Titan is a monstrous orc, standing nearly seven feet tall and weighing almost 300 lbs, he is truly a sight to behold. His long, jet black hair is very thick and allowed to flow loosely about his shoulders, save for two braids on either side of his head joined on the back, to form a larger braid, all the way down. The orc also sports a scruffy beard of black stubble all about his face, ranging from halfway down his neck all the way to slightly beneath his cheek bones.

The gods did not deem it necessary bless him with a delicately beautiful face, but he is not bereft of handsomeness. His jaw is firm and square, although slightly protruding forward, giving him an animalistic appeal. His cheekbones are placed high, making him have an almost elongated look. His brow is somewhat slanted, yet very thick and strong, like that of a bear. He sports several small cuts and scars, which is expected from an orc, one who grew up in the wilds and who has seen many battles no less. A quite large addition was acquired recently, adding to his collection. Titan received it from getting a little to close to a gigantic, angry undead bear, reminding him that it is, in fact, alright to duck. This particular scar is jagged and deep, running about an inch over his brow, near the middle of his forehead, diagonally down and to the left, coming to an abrupt stop right below his left cheekbone.

Yet for all his shortcomings concerning his palpable aesthetics, he harbors a beauty not even the gods could take away; his eyes. They say a person’s eyes are the gateway to their soul, and looking into Titan’s, one would be hard pressed to argue. A deep, dark, vibrant brown, seemingly black, immediately grabs the attention of any observer. While the color of his orbs are truly mesmerizing, it’s the story they tell that traps onlookers. They show the image of a proud, strong warrior, relentless in his convictions. A soldier who has the courage to fight for what he believes in no matter the odds. They sing of a champion with an unbending will, doing whatever is necessary for the betterment of those he loves. Yet mostly his eyes portray the qualities of a natural leader, one who gains followers by actions, not words. Sadly they also lament the soul of a free spirit, one who never really wanted the burden of leadership, one who only wants to be unimpeded by the encumbrance and responsibilities of safeguarding other souls. Just to be able to roam the world free, ancestral spirits guiding his path, as much as the wind, to his next destination, is all he truly desires.


Every being only gets one chance at life, this is the way it has been since the creation of time and it is the way it shall stay until the universe has come to a halt and the gods die. But what if you get a second chance? What would you do if somehow you defied the gods, shoved aside deaths embrace, and regained your soul? Would you do everything the same? Be the same person? Make the same choices as before? If you had fell to darkness once, would you do so again?

Only one way to find out…..


Black and Grey Faded